Potential suppliers

Welcome to our potential suppliers page. We are always looking for new suppliers and new products to keep our ranges fresh. Below there is some information about what we are looking for, if you feel you match and would like to find out more about becoming a supplier, please contact us using the button below. 

Gifts of Wales is an independent award winning gift and homeware shop with an online shop too based in Welshpool, Mid Wales. Sourcing products that meet our brand values is very important to us, and as a potential supplier you will be asked lots of questions! 

We only source products that are made in Wales, not designed in Wales, finished in Wales or just a Welsh design, they must be made here. 

We are looking for small businesses and artisans, not mass produced items. We aim to create a showcase of genuine Welsh gifts and homeware that are not widely found in the market place. Shining a light on the talented makers of Wales. 

Sustainability and ethics are at the core of what we do. Suppliers must be aware of their impact on the environment and work to reduce this impact. All wood and paper products must be FSC or recycled, waste packaging must be kept to a minimum and wherever possible be reusable or recyclable. 
Whether a product is a food item, fragrance or toiletries we are looking for items that are as natural as possible with a clear sourcing policy. GM free, Paraben free, palm oil free, natural fragrances, ethically traded raw ingredients and wherever possible sourced as locally as you can is the type of thing we are looking for. 

Even though we are looking for small producers, items do need to be correctly labelled in accordance to trading standards, and where applicable must have undergone the relevant testing for the industry. 

Currently of particular interest to us are wood workers making small pieces of furniture, potters, jewellery makers and accessories such as scarves, gloves and hats.